Learn Java Operators with Programming Example

In this chapter you will learn:Relational-operator-in-java

  1. What is an operator?
  2. How many types of operators are available in Java?
  3. Programming examples of Operator in java

What is an Operator?

Operators are the special symbol which performs specific tasks on variables as addition, subtraction, compare, check condition, assign value etc.

In the previous chapter you have learned how to initialize variable in Java. In this chapter you will know to performing operation on defined variable.

How many types of operators available in Java?

  1. Arithmetic, Assignment AND Unary Operator
  2. Relational Operator
  3. Logical OR Conditional Operator
  4. ( ? : ) Conditional/Ternary Operator
  5. Bitwise Operator


In the next chapter we will learn about all these operators one by one. We also tried to provide complete programming example to you so that you can understand the entire topic easily. Next chapter you will learn about Assignment, Arithmetic and Unary Operator in Java.

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