Logical Operators

Logical or Conditional Operator in Java – Programming Example

In this chapter you will learn:Logical Operators

  1. What is logical/Conditional operator in Java?
  2. Logical operator symbol
  3. Programming example
 What is logical operator in Java?

Logical operator is also known as conditional operator in java. It is And (&&), Or(||) andNot(!). The logical operator is very useful when you need to compare two statements.

Operator Description Example
&& Conditional-AND – Compare two statement and return true if both are true if(username==”user1″ && password==”pass123″)
|| Conditional-OR – compare two statement and return true if one of them is true if(username==”user1″ || password==”pass123″)
?: Ternary (shorthand for if-then-else statement) variable x = (expression) ? value if true : value if false
You can understand the working of logical or conditional operator using this programming example:
Programming Example:
class LogicalOperator
  public static void main(String[] args)
    String username, password;
    if(username=="user1" && password=="pass123")
      System.out.println("Authorized Login Successful");
    else if(username=="user1" && password!="pass123")
      System.out.println("Incorrect Password");
    else if(username!="user1" && password=="pass123")
      System.out.println("User Not Registered");
      System.out.println("Incorrect UserID and Password");


D:\JavaProgram>javac LogicalOperator.java

D:\JavaProgram>java LogicalOperator
Authorized Login Successful

D:\JavaProgram> __


In this chapter you have learned what is logical operator or conditional operator in Java. Mostly And(&&), Or(||) and Not(!) is considered as logical operator in Java. In the next chapter you will learn about Ternary Operator in Java.

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