Java JDBC – Create, Select and Delete MySQL Database

In this chapter you will learn:

  • How to create MySQL database using JDBC?
  • How to select MySQL database to work with it?
  • How to delete MySQL database using JDBC command.

This chapter will explain all the database related query. It is almost your first JDBC program and it is necessary to have a database for further experiment like creating table and inserting data. In this chapter you will learn how can you create a database right from your Java Program using JDBC.

Creating Database


Database STOREDB Created Successfully
Closing the connection.


There is 4 steps to execute any query against database.

Step 1 : Connecting to Server. You can connect to server using following line of code.

Step 2 : : Initialize Statement. Statement class is used for carrying your query to server and execute query.

Step 3 : : SQL Query. This is your sql query which is used to create database.

Step 4 : : Run Query. Finally execute your query using statement object.

Select Database

It is necessary to select right database before creating table or connecting your program. There may be dozens of databases resides in server so you need to select your correct database before executing query. You have learned and created STOREDB just now. It’s time to learn how to select your STOREDB database using JDBC.

Programming Example


Database STOREDB Selected Successfully
Closing the connection.


Selecting Database is very easy process. Just write your database name in connecting url and that’s it.

static final String dburl = “jdbc:mysql://localhost/STOREDB“;

Renaming Database

There is no support for renaming database in MySQL. So instead of renaming database you can create new database and import data from old database. In the next chapter you will learn how to work with Table in JDBC.

Deleting Database

Till now, you have learned how to create and select database using JDBC. Now, final task is deleting database. However, it is recommended you to after deleting database you must recreate it because this database is going to use for entire tutorial.


Database STOREDB Deleted Successfully
Closing the connection.


Note: You must recreate STOREDB database because this database will be used rest of the tutorial.


In this chapter I have tried to explain with complete programming example, how can you create, select and delete database in JDBC. Once you learn how to connect and execute query against database you are able to run your own custom query against database. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Next chapter is Create, Insert, Update and Delete Table in Java using JDBC.

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