Java JDBC – How to Use PreparedStatement in Programming

In this chapter you will learn

1. What is PreparedStatement in Java?
2. How it is used for storing or updating data?
3. Programming Example

What is PreparedStatement?

The PreparedStatement object is derived from Statement class. Statement is used for sending and executing query in database but it is more convenient to use PreparedStatement to send and execute command in database. PreparedStatement uses parameterized query and keeps precompiled sql statement so it is faster than Statement class because it is compiled once and can be used multiple times.

PreparedStatement is used to execute parameterized query. It uses ? parameter at the place of value and later store value in it. As we initialize PreparedStatement, it gets compiled and then can be used so many times directly. Once database engine compiles PreparedStatement, It doesn’t get compiled next time and executed directly. It makes it much efficient and faster than Statement class.

executeQueryThis method executes sql query in PreparedStatement and returns ResultSet.
updateQueryThis method executes sql query in PreparedStatement and used for Only with Insert, Update or Delete command or sql statement that return nothing.
public void setInt(int paramIndex, int value)sets the integer value to the given parameter index.
public void setString(int paramIndex, String value)sets the String value to the given parameter index.
public void setFloat(int paramIndex, float value)sets the float value to the given parameter index.
public void setDouble(int paramIndex, double value)sets the double value to the given parameter index.

INSERT RECORD using PreparedStatement


Java eBook Stored Successfully
JDBC eBook Stored Successfully
Closing the connection.

UPDATE RECORD using PreparedStatement


MySQL eBook Updated Successfully
Closing the connection.

DELETE RECORD using PreparedStatement


MySQL eBook Deleted Successfully
Closing the connection.

SELECT Record in ResultSet using PreparedStatement


ID : 1, PRODUCT : MousePad, PRICE : 190
ID : 2, PRODUCT : Stationary, PRICE : 2870
ID : 3, PRODUCT : Books, PRICE : 765
ID : 4, PRODUCT : HardDisk, PRICE : 3887
ID : 5, PRODUCT : Ram, PRICE : 953
ID : 6, PRODUCT : Printer, PRICE : 8746
ID : 7, PRODUCT : Keyboard, PRICE : 646
ID : 8, PRODUCT : Mouse, PRICE : 947
ID : 11, PRODUCT : Charger, PRICE : 1800
ID : 12, PRODUCT : MainJava Logo, PRICE : 900
ID : 14, PRODUCT : JDBC eBook, PRICE : 830
Closing the connection.


In this tutorial you learned how to use PreparedStatement for Storing, Retrieving, Updating or Deleting row in MySQL table using JDBC. This chapter includes all the programming examples that demonstrate all the theory well.

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