JDBC – Batch Processing Tutorial with Example

In this tutorial you will learn

1. What is Batch Processing in JDBC?
2. How to Batch Processing in JDBC?
3. Methods and Programming Example

What is Batch Processing in JDBC?

The word “Batch Processing” tells everything itself by its name. Process of executing multiple queries at once is called Batch Processing. Batch Processing makes the performance fast and efficient, that executes multiple sql statements quickly. JDBC Batch Processing provides method for implementing bulk query execution.


void addBatch(String query)It adds query into batch.
int[] executeBatch()It executes the batch of queries.

Programming Example

Batch Update Successful
Closing the connection.


In this tutorial you learned how to use Batch Processing in JDBC. The programming example explains this concept clearly. In the next chapter you will learn about Store Procedure in JDBC.

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