JCheckBox Swing Control with Programming Example

In this tutorial you will learn:

  1. What is JCheckBox Control in Java Swing?
  2. How to create JCheckBox control?
  3. Simple JCheckBox Programming
  4. JCheckBox with ActionListener
  5. Track JCheckBox Status on Button Click
  6. Save and Retrieve JCheckBox to Database

What is JCheckBox Control in Java Swing?

JCheckBox provides multiple option chooser panel to the user. It is like a toggle button that gets activated while checked on it and gets deactivated when unchecked it. If user has to choose multiple option then JCheckBox control is used.


How to Create or Initialize JCheckBox Control?

You can create JCheckBox control in swing like that.

Simple JCheckBox Example

Here, I created simple JCheckBox example which will teach you how to draw JCheckBox on your swing apps. In the next example you will learn JCheckBox with ActionListener.

Programming Example

Simple JCheckBox Example

JCheckBox with ActionListener

This program shows you how can you write code under JCheckBox Checked or Unchecked event.

JCheckBox with ActionListener

Track JCheckBox Status on Button Click

In this example, you will learn how to track JCheckBox status on button click. Most of the time you may want to perform certain task on JCheckBox checked or unchecked status. This programming example helps you to understand this scenario.

JCheckBox on ButtonClick

Save and Retrieve JCheckBox to Database

Saving and Retrieving JCheckBox value in database is very easy. You just need to store 0 or 1 in the table. If JCheckBox is unchecked, store 0 into table and if JCheckBox is checked then store 1 into table. Here, is the complete programming example.

I created a new table JCheckBox_Table in database. I will use this table for storing checked value. You must insert a default row in JCheckBox_Table manually because this program will only update row for storing checkbox value.

Save JCheckBox to Database


In this tutorial, you learned how to use JCheckBox in Java Swing with complete programming example. In the next chapter you will learn about Java JRadioButton.

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