Learn JTextField in Swing with Database Connectivity and Event Listener

In this tutorial you will learn

  1. What is JTextField in Java Swing?
  2. How to set JTextField Properties?
  3. How to set Event Listener in JTextField?
  4. How to Save and Retrieve JTextField text to Database Table?


JTextField is like a TextBox control that allows editing of a single line of text. This component is mostly used for asking and collecting small information from the user like their name, mobile number, city, occupation etc. Text Field controls enable you to edit string or text in a form. This text might be a single line of text or multiple lines of text, a password etc.

You are going to learn following topics.
  1. Creating JTextField in Java Swing
  2. Add Event Listener in JTextField
  3. Save and Retrieve JTextField text to Database Table


Creating JTextField in Java Swing

It is a simple example of creating JTextField component in swing form. In this example, I have created a simple swing form with JTextField and set some basic properties of JTextField.

Programming Example




JTextField With Event Listener

Most of the time, you need to run a block of code on key pressed event in JTextField. JTextField with Event Listener allows you to write code on various JTextField Events like Key press, Key Typed, Key Released etc.

Programming Example



Save JTextField Text to Database

Till Now, you learned how to create and add an event in JTextField in Java. Now, you will learn how to connect JTextField to a database table and save & Retrieve data from the table.

Programming Example



In this JTextField Tutorial, you learned how to create JTextField in Java Swing. You also learned to save and Retrieve JTextField text to Database Table. In the next chapter, you will learn JTextArea in Java Swing.

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